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Caveat emptor!
Or: a mini guide on how [not] to sign up!

What do I need to do before I sign the tenancy agreement for your house in Helmsley Road, Sandyford (or any other property for that matter?)

Answer: Find 5 other people……? Well, yes, but it's a bit more complicated than that. Unless you want the whole thing to go horribly wrong you need to find 5 other committed people. (We are assuming here that you can't afford the rent for the entire property yourself.)

Two definitions of the word committed are 'in a long term emotional relationship' and 'having been sent to prison'. Actually these are not the dictionary meanings we were thinking of initially. But perhaps it's nonetheless worth asking yourself if you could stayed married to the members of your potential house group for the best part of a year, or - if the worse came to the worst - would you want to share a prison cell with them? If the answer to either of these questions is: "Definitely not!", decide to put off thinking about the whole thing until grandad is snoring in his armchair on Christmas Day afternoon during the Queen's speech…

As we were saying, you do need 5 other people who really want to live in the same house as you and who are very unlikely to have second thoughts as their pen hovers over the signature box on the agreement.

It is essential that all the members of the group have actually viewed the property and compared it to others they have in fact seen, and not just peered, in an alcoholic haze, at some highly photoshopped images on another student property website.

The glossy penthouse apartment may have been trashed by the previous tenant or neglected by the landlord. ("Surely not!" I hear you cry.)
Another, apparently dingy, hovel may just have been poorly photographed and be really quite cosy.

So, if someone else in your group says:"I've seen this one. I really liked it and it's within budget," then it might just be worth a look.

When viewing the property ask lots of questions, and use your eyes. Get the agents to check facts with the landlord if in doubt, as they are obliged to tell the truth! Speak to the present tenants if they seem helpful.

Then read and re-read the tenancy agreement. Are you happy with it? What are your and the landlord's obligations under the agreement? If necessary, you can run it past the students' union.

How much is the rent?
How much is the deposit and how is it secured? The law requires that it is.

On the left you will find links to some large and small print in a number of pdfs about our property at Helmsley Road. Having read it, we hope you may just want to contact us to ask a few questions or arrange a viewing, but remember you will need 6 committed people in total. We like to think it's a unique property. But remember, all that means is that there isn't another one like it!

Good luck!

Graeme and Rosemary Kirk